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Exploring the Fairways of Golfing Paradise: The Top 5 Golf Courses in Puerto Vallarta

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Welcome, golf enthusiasts, to the tropical haven of Puerto Vallarta, where sun, sand, and a love for the game meet in perfect harmony. If you're seeking to tee off amidst breathtaking landscapes, you've come to the right place. In this blog, we'll explore the finest golf courses Puerto Vallarta has to offer, their unique designs, green fees, and a special guide that ensures your best game and ultimate enjoyment. Join us as we take a swing into the world of "Golf Puerto Vallarta"

5. Flamingos Golf Club

Designed by Percy Clifford, Flamingos Golf Club is a captivating blend of lush greens and challenging fairways. The green fees start at $100, making it an accessible choice for golfers seeking both beauty and value. Want to experience Flamingos Golf Club firsthand? Book your tee time here.

4. Vista Vallarta Club de Golf

Renowned for its exceptional Jack Nicklaus and Tom Weiskopf-designed courses, Vista Vallarta Club de Golf offers an unforgettable experience. Green fees begin at $120, reflecting the premium quality of the courses. To secure your spot at Vista Vallarta, Book your tee time here.

3. Marina Vallarta Golf Club

A strategic design by Joe Finger and a magnificent backdrop of the marina and Banderas Bay make Marina Vallarta Golf Club a must-play. With green fees starting at $130, it's a fantastic investment in your golfing journey. Tee up at Marina Vallarta by reserving your tee time here.

2. El Tigre Golf & Country Club

Designed by the legendary Robert Von Hagge, El Tigre Golf & Country Club boasts challenging water hazards and impeccable fairways. With green fees from $150, it offers a premium golfing escapade. Secure your spot at El Tigre Golf & Country Club by clicking here.

1. Punta Mita Pacifico Golf Course

Last but not least, ranked among the world's top courses, Punta Mita Pacifico Golf Course's "Tail of the Whale" hole is a legendary par-three. Created by Jack Nicklaus, this masterpiece demands precision. Green fees start at $250, reflecting its exclusivity and magnificence. Don't miss the chance to play at Punta Mita Pacifico; Book your tee time here

Your Ultimate Golfing Guide: Hotel San Tropico

Ensuring your golfing experience is seamless, enjoyable, and truly memorable, look no further than Hotel San Tropico. As the golf enthusiast's guide, we understand your passion for the game and tailor their services accordingly. Whether you're exploring the lush greens or perfecting your swing, In Hotel San Tropico we dedicate to enhancing your stay. Check them out here and elevate your golf getaway.

Marina Vallarta Golf and Hotel San Trópico: A Seamless Fusion

For enthusiasts who value outstanding golf experiences combined with utmost convenience, Hotel San Tropico stands at the heart of Marina Vallarta Club. Nestled within the club, the hotel offers unparalleled ease of access, making tee time reservations effortlessly through the hotel's concierge. Discover more about this seamless fusion here and get set to elevate your golf game while enjoying exceptional comfort.

In less words..

Puerto Vallarta is a golfer's paradise, and its courses are a testament to the region's beauty and dedication to the sport. From challenging layouts to awe-inspiring vistas, each course offers a unique experience. As you plan your golfing adventure, let Hotel San Tropico be your guide and companion, ensuring your journey is nothing short of exceptional. Hit the greens, enjoy the sun, and let Puerto Vallarta redefine your golfing escape.

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